Last-minute gift guide ideas for outdoors lovers

With only a sleep or two left before the big day, if you haven’t picked up all of the presents for everybody on your Christmas list, you might need some help.
Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to find gifts for people who enjoy the outdoors, especially in our part of the world where we have so many different seasons and outdoor activities going on all the time.
When it comes to picking stocking-stuffers, there are a bunch of smaller-sized items that will make somebody very happy. For the angler on your list, new lures always are a welcome addition to the tackle box.
One I would recommend is the new Jackall Binksy topwater lure. It is unique because it is a popper that comes with some bling on it in the form of a spinner blade on the body and a small propeller on the back.
This lure helped me earn my first top-five finish in FLW Tour competition earlier this year—it’s one of my favourites!
For the ice-fisherman on your list, the Northland Buckshot Rattle Spoon probably is the best ice-fishing lure of all time. I’ve caught thousands of walleyes on the quarter-ounce version tipped with a minnow head over the years.
Super-Glo Goldfish is my favourite colour on Lake of the Woods and right across Sunset Country.
Another item that anybody who spends time outdoors always can use is a small headlamp. These types of flashlights can attach to a hat or fit over your head, and they are handy for many applications.
They are great for helping ice-anglers who fish into dark pack up their gear or for early-morning boat-launching in the dark. My wife uses one when she goes cross-country skiing at night.
If you’re looking for a gift for somebody who is a hunter, may I recommend a new trail camera? These motion-activated cameras always are welcome—even if we already have one.
They are used to scout the areas that we like to hunt and give us intel on the animals that may be living in the area. They also can be used for keeping an eye on your property when you aren’t around.
They really are fun because you never know what you’re going to capture a picture of!
For the musky angler on your list, a big net like the Frabill Big Kahuna would be a welcome gift, for sure.
These big nets are the standard in landing fish and taking care of them because they are big enough that anglers can get a fish into it easily, then leave it hanging over the side of the boat in the water with the fish inside to do any dentistry you might need to do.
Finally, my last two ideas are for products that I’ve helped design. For ice-anglers, there is the Frabill Ice Hunter fishing rod.
This 38-inch, heavy action rod is perfect for fishing in Sunset Country and is good for catching everything from walleye to lake trout to pike. It’s not a super stiff but it’s heavy enough to land a big fish.
And back in 2014, I put my two cents in with Spy Sunglasses to design a pair of sunglasses that are both functional and comfortable, which is important for wearing them all day.
The Spy “Gussy” glasses are built with the Frazier frame and feature a green mirror polarized Happy lens that are great for seeing in the water. They are quality glasses that are great for fishing but can be worn for any type of outdoor activity.
Good luck with any last-minute shopping you might have to do and all the best over the holidays!