Humble pie at Lake Guntersville

While I wish I was fishing instead of driving home from Alabama on the weekend, it was nice to wake up in Kenora on Monday morning this week to our pleasant summer weather.
The sixth stop of the Bassmaster Elite Series took place this past weekend at Lake Guntersville, under high temperatures that just about melted this Canadian.
My worst finish of the season, 67th place, was not was I was looking for at Guntersville but I was plagued with bunches of small bass and just couldn’t figure out how to catch some of the bigger fish that my competition did.
It was a big hit in the points race, dropping me from 35th to 47th overall.
The goal is to make the top 40 at the end of the season to qualify for the Bassmaster Classic, the Superbowl of bass fishing tournaments.
With three events left I still have opportunity to turn things around and finish the season strong but I need to get it together!
As I mentioned last week, I have had good experiences on these Tennessee River lakes in the past and generally enjoy fishing them but last week I just could not figure out a consistent way to catch these fish. It was disappointing for sure.
We get three days to practice before these tournaments and the goal is to try and cover as much water as we can with hopes of finding a hot area or a few good spots.
After that we need to figure out the best way to catch fish.
At Guntersville, I actually caught a bunch of fish each day but they were all on the small side.
One of my strengths fishing against this field of anglers is to fish offshore in deeper water and that’s what I spent nearly all of my time doing.
Several anglers made the top 10 fishing the same way that I did but several also did well fishing shallow weeds so I probably should have been more open minded about fishing different ways.
All I can do is learn and carry on to the next one.
We get a break from the Elite Series until mid-August when we fish the St. Lawrence River on the New York/Ontario border.
After a week in the hot Alabama weather it is nice to be back in Ontario, that’s for sure!
I have a great appreciation for our beautiful summers after all of the traveling that I do for fishing.
I tell people all the time that you couldn’t pay me to live anywhere else. Beyond the weather, the fishing is great as well.
Over the next few weeks I have a little bit of guiding to keep me busy and I’ll be fishing in a few of our local bass tournaments, including the Shoal Lake Bass Classic on July 6-7 and the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship (July 18-20).
There are also a couple of other events the second weekend in July, including the Lake Despair Castin’ For Cash bass tournament and the Kenora Walleye Open. Both are fun events that I would fish in if they were not all on the same weekend.
I enjoy Shoal Lake because the bass fishing is so good out there and it’s close to home for me.
I will be fishing a bunch around home this week so look for the Sunset Country fishing report in next week’s column.
Hopefully you get the chance to get out on the water and have some fun!