Home for the summer

The seventh and final event of the FLW Tour season took place last week at the Potomac River, near Washington, D.C.
In last week’s column, I mentioned the importance of this event to salvage my season, as I still had a decent chance to qualify for the Forrest Wood Cup, the championship event for our Tour.
Unfortunately, my struggles through the second half of the season continued last week and I ended up finishing 83rd in the tournament.
In the end, I finished 45th in the point standings and failed to qualify for the Cup, which took the top 40 anglers. I needed only 11 more points over the course of the season to make it, which is a pretty miniscule amount.
I only missed getting my limit one day during the season (on the second day at the Mississippi River tournament, when I only brought in four fish) and that was what really did me in.
Had a caught a regular two-pound bass there, I would have moved up about 30 places and been in. Oh well, that’s fishing. You just never know how things are going to work out.
My practice at the Potomac last week actually was pretty decent–probably my best practice of the year. My confidence was good going into the tournament and I felt like I would be able to catch some decent fish each day.
The Potomac River actually flows into the Atlantic Ocean. As such, there is a tide that moves the water up and down about three feet every six hours, so that throws a little twist into everything at this place.
When the tide first starts moving in or out, there is a significant amount of current and that generally makes the fish bite pretty good.
I tried to time it so that I was hitting my good stuff when the tide was moving and while I caught fish, I just didn’t get the quality bites needed to do well.
After about 30 hours of driving, I made it home late Monday night and it sure is nice to be back in Northwestern Ontario. The past several months have been busy with all the travel back and fourth to these tournaments.
Don’t get me wrong, I love to do what I do. But I’m really excited to be home for a while without having to pack up and go again in a couple of weeks.
The good news about not qualifying for the FLW Cup is that now I get to fish the KBI in August, which was scheduled on the same weekend.
The KBI has been a big deal in my life since I started fishing it when I was 10 years old with my dad. This year is actually the 30th anniversary of the event, so it’s a big one that I’m happy I will be able to be a part of.
My plans for the rest of the summer are to fish as many of the local bass tournaments as I can on Lake of the Woods, Rainy Lake, and Shoal Lake, do a little bit of guiding, and start preparing to hit the FLW Tour again next year.
See you on the water!