High school fishing coming to our area

Some good news broke last week in Fort Frances when high school teacher Jason Cain announced he is moving forward with starting a high school fishing team.
South of the border, high school and college competitive bass fishing has emerged as an extremely popular extra-curricular activity, so it makes sense to bring it north of the border, as well.
In the U.S., there now are thousands of kids taking part in high school fishing. The format for the bass tournaments is similar to the events we currently have taking place across the region, except two-person teams are driven around in the boat by an adult (often a parent), then the kids make all the decisions on the water and run the boat while they fish.
Prizes for winners usually come in the form of new equipment, scholarship money, or money for the teams.
In a Fort Frances Times’ story last week, Cain mentioned that since announcing his intention to start a fishing team at the high school, he had received dozens of inquiries from interested kids and parents.
He is planning to start meeting with students in the New Year, and has intentions to plan an event or two for this spring.
The ball is rolling in Kenora to get a fishing program started, as well. Those looking to volunteer in Fort Frances should contact Cain through his Facebook page while more information will be released soon in Kenora.
It’s likely other communities across the region would be interested in participating in this activity, as well.
In a time when a lot of kids would rather play video games or look for trouble, having the opportunity to be involved in fishing is pretty awesome. This part of the world offers so many great bodies of water to fish, not only for bass but many other species, as well.
For many kids, the handicap to fishing more simply is having a means to go or somebody to take them, so this program can make it happen for many of them.
Had this opportunity been around when I was in high school, I would have been so excited. At that time, I spent so much time thinking about competing in the few summer tournaments that we had in those days, fishing was something I was really in to.
I certainly would be willing to share my time to help with this program, as I’m sure many of my fishing friends would, as well.
Fishing, and competitive fishing, in particular, has been a way for me to make my living, so I’m really excited to see what doors this type of program might help open for kids growing up in our communities.
In the U.S., competitive college bass fishing has grown into a very popular activity, as well, with schools in all parts of the country supporting bass fishing teams. Pro tournament circuits like the FLW Tour and Bassmasters even allow the college national champions to fish in their year-end championships.
Look for more information on high school fishing opportunities moving forward. This is going to be great for many kids across the region.