Good week for me in Texas

The second FLW Tour stop of the season took place last weekend at Lake Travis in Texas.
After a decent three-day practice period, where I had the help of my brother, Ben, I was able to grind out a pretty solid 13th place finish on a lake that was fishing tough.
Early on in the practice period, I committed to fishing deep water, which was something I felt comfortable doing.
And it was evident during the practice that much of my competition was focused on beating the bank and fishing shallow, so I liked that I would have most of my spots to myself.
The first day of the tournament ended up being quite a grind. I managed to catch a limit fairly easy–something that was challenging for much of the field in this tournament–but I failed to catch any big fish to put me over the hump.
I ended the day in 54th place, just outside of the money cut, so I needed to do better on Day 2.
Things went my way the second morning as the spot I started on absolutely was loaded with fish.
I probably caught 30 or 40 and worked my way up to a 15-pound limit, which was one of the largest of the day.
This landed in me in 13th place after Day 2, allowing me to fish another day (the top 20 angler after two days fish the third day of the tournament and then the top 10 fish a fourth day in these events).
Unfortunately, my luck ran out on Day 3 and I only was able to bring two fish to the scales.
I fished a little differently on the third day since the worst I could do in the tournament was 20th and spent most of my day on the spot I felt had the biggest fish.
I was marking on them on my electronics so they were still there, but I could not get them to bite very well that day (maybe based on the weather?) They just were not in the mood to bite.
While it was disappointing to have a tough third day, I still managed to hang onto my 13th-place position with my two fish. That’s how tough this lake was (more than half of the top 20 anglers failed to catch a limit on Day 3 so I’ll take it!)
Overall, it was a great event for me and I left with some money in my pocket, as well as good points towards qualifying for the Forrest Wood Cup at the end of the season.
After a month on the road, I finally made my way home Monday. It was so nice to sleep in my own bed!
I was pretty tired because after the tournament, I drove from Austin, Tex. to Atlanta, Ga., where I left my truck and boat at a friend’s house and flew home.
It basically was two days of travel!
I’m home for a week or so before I head back next week for the next tournament, which is taking place at the Harris Chain of Lakes located just north of Orlando, Fla.
I’m looking forward to fishing down there for the chance at a monster bass and some nice weather!
This week, though, you’ll find me out on Lake of the Woods!
I’m absolutely dying to eat some walleyes for dinner at least a couple of nights while I’m home!
It looks like we have some cooler weather coming in, which should tighten the ice back up nicely after this mild spell over the past week.
Look for my ice-fishing report in next week’s column!