Getting tuned up at Lake Travis

After a week of fun fishing in Texas between the first two stops on the 2017 FLW Tour, it was back to the grind for me at Lake Travis in south-central Texas before the second tournament of the season starts later this week.
The FLW Tour has strict rules regarding who we are allowed to pre-fish with during the three-day official practice before the tournament starts. We only are allowed to be in the boat with co-anglers who are registered in the event or immediate family members.
The rule is designed to keep the playing field level on fishing information so anglers can’t show up at these events and have guides or local experts in the boat with them to show them where to fish.
Fortunately for me, my brother, who is living in Toronto, made the trip down to Texas to spend a few days in the boat with me. We’re having a great time and it’s nice for me to have another line in the water for these precious practice days.
Benny has been doing his part–catching a few big bass that hopefully will help me out when the tournament starts today (Feb. 16).
Over the years, we have spent many days on the water together. But we don’t get to fish together as often anymore, so we’re enjoying the time in the boat and having fun.
I’m also glad that Benny gets to meet some of my good friends that I’ve made fishing these tournaments the past few years.
There is a group of four of us who are staying together at most of the events this year and we usually rent a house for the week near the lake that we’re fishing. It ends up being cheaper than a hotel would be, we eat a lot better than restaurant food would be, and the camaraderie we share is a big part of what makes fishing these tournaments so fun.
Over the course of the season, it’s a lot of time away from home so it’s nice to have a little family on the road. We have a great time.
As for the fishing down here, it’s not super easy. This lake is deep and the water is clear, which is unlike most of the lakes in Texas, which have a lot of grass and darker water.
It’s fairly easy to catch fish but it’s not easy to catch “keepers,” which must measure 14 inches in this tournament.
Through a couple days of practice, I’ve been able to grind out a few big ones and some limit fillers, so hopefully I can find a few more places to fish when I head out for my last day of practice.
I’m spending most of my time fishing deep, catching bass in 20-30 feet of water. From my background fishing at home for bass and walleye in deep water, I’m comfortable doing this so I’m happy.
The water temperatures are in the low 60-degrees F range so bass are close to spawning, but it’s not really easy to catch fish up shallow. Most of the other anglers are fishing shallow and beating the bank, which hasn’t been that productive for me so hopefully my plan will work out!
As always, the tournament starts on Thursday and wraps up on the weekend. Follow the results online at
It’s been a long run on the road for these first couple of tournaments. I’m on my fourth week away from home right now, so I’m really looking forward to coming home Monday!
Our next event is in Florida in early March so following the tournament, I’m driving to Atlanta, Ga., leaving my boat and truck there, and flying home.
I’m looking forward to getting in some ice-fishing and relaxing around home for a few days!

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