Changing Seasons in Sunset Country 

What a difference a week makes in this part of the World with regards to the weather. We went from beautiful summer temperatures to wrap up the month of August and a week later we are getting frost warnings, the winds have been blowing hard every day and you can feel the change in the seasons happening right before our eyes.
This change in seasons is always a little bit depressing for me because I love our summers here in NW Ontario. As the days get shorter and the temperatures drop there is some good news for those of us who enjoy outdoor activities. Leaves will start to change colour making adventures in the woods and being on the water more breathtaking. Fish and game know that the long winter is coming so they start to become more active, feeding up to store energy. Aside from the cooler temperatures, it really is a great time to be outside in the coming months. 
While they are fewer than the things I look forward to in the summer, the fall season does bring a lot of activities that I really look forward to. I really enjoy bass fishing in the fall. Like many other species, they start to group up and they become more aggressive, making for some excellent fishing opportunities. The small game hunting season will open soon and the opportunity to hunt ruffed grouse. These small wild chickens are probably my favourite thing to eat on this entire planet and I love the adventure of getting out to find a few. Finally, I have friends who visit or connect with for fall activities who I don’t see very often during the rest of the year. These fishing and hunting partners have created memories with me that I will always remember and look forward to creating new ones each year.   
For bass tournament anglers, the next month is the busiest part of the season with a tournament taking place at one of our fantastic bodies of water for the next several weekends in a row. This coming weekend, Bassin’ For Bucks, the biggest tournament of the year will take place in Sioux Narrows. A full field of 120 teams has signed up to fish the 24th edition of the event. With the KBI and Fort Frances Canadian Championship being cancelled earlier in the summer due to Covid-19 complications, Bassin’ For Bucks is the only three day tournament taking place across the region this year. It will look different than normal with weigh-ins happening on the Government Dock in Sioux Narrows instead of up the hill at the Big Top. The tournament organizers have asked that there be no spectators at the event this year. From the anglers perspective, we are really happy that we will be able to fish and we can live without the extra activities like the steak dinner that usually accompany this event.
The community of Sioux Narrows can surely use the little bump to the economy that the tournament will bring, especially some of the resorts that will host visiting anglers this week. Since there haven’t been as many tournaments locally this summer, it seems like more teams are prefishing a little harder than normal for the tournament this year which is great. Hopefully next year we’ll be able to hold the event with all of the regular activities.  
For those looking to follow the tournament this year, the tournament website, will have live updates of the leaderboard throughout the weekend. It’s an exciting couple of weeks coming up for me. I’ll be fishing Bassin’ For Bucks with my good pal, Mike Reid and then the following weekend, my wife Shelby and I are teaming up for the Crow Lake Classic in Nestor Falls before I head back down south to finish off the Bassmaster Elite Series schedule. Happy fall fishing for everybody that is able to get out on the water in the coming weeks.