Area hunter bags deer-of-a-lifetime

Early last week, I got a phone call from my good friend and fishing partner, Chris Savage.
He and one of his co-workers, Dennis Chevalier, had been hunting a really big whitetail deer for most of the season. They had been taking turns, putting in many days sitting from dark to dark waiting for this big buck to make an appearance in front of their ground blind.
The phone call from Chris was to let me know that Dennis had taken the big buck with archery equipment.
I immediately packed up my camera to go and check out the big buck with Chris.
My initial reaction was “Wow!” I am as interested in deer and deer hunting as anybody in Canada—and this was one of the biggest whitetail bucks I had ever seen.
The only bigger one I’ve seen was the monster non-typical that one of my other friends, Dave Bennett, took back in 2005. For those of you that are interested in the score of these deer, Bennett’s buck gross scored just over 200”.
Chevalier’s deer is going to gross score in 190s.
The day that Chevalier harvested his deer, he arrived at his ground blind early in the morning—before the sun came up. Throughout the morning, he had a couple of small bucks, as well as some antlerless deer, pass by.
At around 1:30 p.m., there was a doe and a fawn standing in front of him but their attention was focused behind his blind. He peered out one of the windows on the side of his blind and could see the giant buck sneaking through the woods.
The doe and the fawn ran off but the buck did not appear. He lost sight of it in the thick woods.
About five minutes passed and Chevalier figured the deer was not going to show itself and present a shot, then the giant buck appeared at 25 yards in front of his blind.
He did not have much to time think about what he was going to do, so he raised his bow and made a perfect shot.
To put this deer into perspective, it will be one of the biggest taken by a hunter in all of Canada this year. Those of us who really love deer hunting dream about an animal like this, and that’s why Chris and Dennis let so many lesser bucks walk past them earlier in the season.
Chris was e-mailing me photos and videos of some really nice bucks that had walked past him throughout the season—some of which I thought he was crazy to pass up.
To be clear, this was not just a trophy hunt. Both Dennis and Chris eat deer and moose meat throughout the year and share it with their families. The meat from this animal will be put to very good use, but the antlers that were attached to it are truly unique and beautiful.
With hunting season nearing its end and winter finally starting to set in, the ice-fishing season is upon us.
Look for some ice-fishing reports, as well as some Christmas gift ideas for the outdoorsperson in your life, in the coming weeks.