Old and crotchety

So far I haven’t tested positive for COVID-19 but I am obviously infected. Not with lung or nasal symptoms. But I do have the headache and I have become the grumpiest and most crotchety old goat in the Rainy River District.
It seems to me that too many bureaucrats, government organizations, and some businesses and individuals are using the COVID-19 as an excuse for doing nothing.
In our fair city woe betide any poor soul that wanders through here and desperately needs to use the bathroom. The sign at the edge town says come “walk our trails”. A very welcome invitation to a scenic little stroll. However should you feel the call of nature after this bit of exercise you’d better look for a bush, because the washrooms will probably all be locked tight.
The rationale, “we mustn’t spread the disease!” So pee in the bushes. And wash your hands, where?
But this is just a minor inconvenience compared to some others. Try to make an appointment, speak to a government official, either in person or over the phone! Good luck. It ain’t gonna happen!
Recently, I had a little experience with the great healthcare system of Ontario. Now I have only good things to say about our healthcare professionals. They are great, dedicated folks that have saved my worthless hide more than once. However they are in lockdown. And once you wander outside the local communities to the big city you seem to hit a wall. Good luck with a phone call. You will spend hours if not days in a voicemail jail. Promised return phone calls within “24 hours or as soon as possible“ is laughable.
After a six hour “Drive from hell“ you will arrive at your destination completely unfamiliar with the convoluted parking system and directions. Answer all the questions to get through the door to your appointment and then after going as directed to the registration desk, be told that you are at the wrong location and will be redirected. At the proper location, you will be told that there is no documentation for supposed appointment. A one hour scurry will locate the documentation and the test will be scheduled and then carried out by very professional and caring, skilled staff.
You will then proceed to the next test. It is an urgent test. ‘Sorry, there is no test scheduled. Another half hour scurry. “Oh wait, here it is. Sept 30…..a month and a half away. No wait…let’s do it in Fat Frantic”….another road trip from Hell.
Back in Rainy, a letter from T Bay, rescheduling the test for T Bay, not Fat Frantic, late Sept…Administrative snafu?
And so it goes. The lost art of communication, is truly lost. With all of our technology, we cannot “talk” to one another. The simplest things have become impossible. Voice mail jail is alive and well. Let’s blame it on COVID-19. Because no one is willing and apparently unable to correct the mess. And there is no vaccine… particularly for old and crotchety.
Stay well.