Digging up bones

Did not mean to set off such a frenzy with last week’s snap of Pickle holding up his find. It is his fault not mine. Cannot verify that in the dark a “666” flashes off and on in a deep satanic red colour and am too terrified to view it alone in the dark. You will have to ask Pickle personally.

We did receive an answer from a Saskatchewan resident purporting to have proof of what exactly it might be but I thought the dinosaurs had gone extinct so in the interest of fair play and honesty hate to start any unfounded rumours… awaiting definitive proof!

However, there has been a theory advancing alien involvement and if you have ever seen the movie Independence Day, the said bone does look a bit like the critters that were threatening us in that classic.

Local gossip suggests when the U.S. radar base was in operation in Baudette, MN, back in the ’60s, there was a whole host of UFO sightings over Lake of the Woods. Rumours persist that during one particularly violent summer storm violent flashes, rumblings, and strange air craft where spotted over the lake, and military aircraft were scrambled out of the NATO base near Duluth. This was followed by fishers swearing something was upsetting the walleye catch and those over their limit said the fish jumped in the livewells and coolers on their own volition, frightened out of the water by some otherworldly presence.

U.S. Military can offer “no comment.”

Perhaps Lake of the Woods has something in common with Area 51. Could that photo show skeletal remains of an “ET” from Alpha Centauri or some other star system? Perhaps the population of the area is already irrevocably infected. You can’t deny there are some pretty strange birds in the area.

So keep those guesses and tips coming in. I must reveal the big prize awaits. It’s a full plate of Wood’s Bakery Donuts. I am personally keeping an eye on them to make sure they don’t get stale… burp!