Holidays approaching fast

When I wrote today’s date it really hit me that I should really start thinking a bit more about Christmas. I think because things seem so “up in the air” I haven’t given it much thought; though Emo has been incredibly busy with shoppers. It is great for our local businesses that people are shopping at home, but I think staff is challenged keeping up with the demand. Not only busy but keeping everyone safe is a lot of work and we all must admit a bit hard on our mental health. We are fortunate to live where we live but we still need to follow rules and take precautions. I really like the messages that are going around that say something along the lines of “let’s stay safe now so that next year when we get through this, we will ALL be there to get together again!”

We held our Abattoir AGM last Thursday. Thank you to those who came and supported the efforts of the board. The good news is that we were able to borrow money to pay off our taxes and we plan to pay the Township a monthly amount going forward. We have also been able to hire another butcher so we are hoping that we can move a few more animals. The delay in processing has caused some hard feelings. It is a chicken and egg type of situation; the demand is great right now but is it here to stay? We own the operations of Rainy River Meats, but we do not own the building so adding on is a bit of challenge! Obtaining the operations of Rainy River Meats has been good for us but of course we still have work to do. Thanks to Marg Irvine, Ted Zimmerman and Delton Martin who joined the board. As well thanks to Steve Loshaw and Jen Wall for sitting on the board and who are now taking a break. We welcome suggestions at any time so please if you have any ideas don’t be afraid to reach out to us.

This weekend was the date to let our ram out. Lambs will arrive five months from now. We had three first year ewes to breed but one was a daughter of our ram, so we planned for her to go to a friend. Marlee was excited to load her in the front of the truck to take her on the trek to the neighbour’s. She rode quite well but maybe it was because there was very little room for her to move. If you met us on the road, I am sure you would have wondered what the heck we were up to!

Marlee helped me clean out our lamb pen in the barn. We had a bet on how many wheelbarrow loads we would have but we were both off. We were thinking it would be in the 20‘s but it actually wasn’t it was only a dozen. Sheep are hard to clean out; their pens just pack, so you normally just must let it build up and clean it when it is just getting too deep. It was great to have that job finished. Now it is time to vaccinate and deworm the cow herd. I wait until now so that our first year bred heifers can get their first dose of the scour guard vaccine. I must plan on feeding them a bit closer to home mid-week so that they are easier to get home. We are always planning something – and keeping a close eye on the weather and the calendar!