Getting into the holiday spirit

I was lucky to be able to Friday off and start the task of getting my outside lights strung for the upcoming season. Of course, I couldn’t finish but I certainly got a good start. I try to do things a little different every year so the people that enjoy my display have something to look forward to. It takes a whole lot of planning, but it is honestly one of my favourite things to do. I seem to have a fascination with sparkly lights and my collection is large. Marlee helped me tackle a few more lights over the course of the weekend and she explained to me how much she enjoyed it and I was smiling inside thinking ‘yes, she got the bug.’ I am hoping I can plug away at them the rest of the week and be finished for the weekend. The positive thing is when you are working with lights you can do the task at night! I am hoping that everyone can do some driving around and checking out everyone’s displays this year. Since we are sticking to our own selves, taking a few evenings to view lights with your families should bring some smiles to everyone.

The weather Saturday couldn’t have been more perfect for us to vaccinate and deworm our cows. The cows knew something was up and certainly took their sweet time making their way to the corral but once they realized there was no other option, they made their way nicely. The cow herd had two vaccines, one to prevent clostridial disease and the other for scours in their calves as well they were dewormed with a pour-on. We were not able to use the regular dewormer of choice because it must be another thing that Covid has disrupted like Fresca pop, toilet paper etc. We were a little disheartened to see that Marlee’s cow may have aborted. Very little you can do about this; life happens but it does make you feel a bid sad. Marlee stepped up and started needling cows this weekend. She did a great job. I always feel like I have the easiest job when I am up at the head gate needling and releasing the cows so I am hoping to train a recruit and then I can do more of the chasing. Cows are now just going to eat and enjoy themselves until mid-January when the first calf heifers will need a booster shot for the scour vaccine. I am feeding them a fair way from the yard right now, but it is a great spot with excellent shelter, and we are spreading manure and seeds around, building some great fertility into that area. If we don’t get too much snow, we are good.

I hope that everyone is participating in the monthly Riverside 50-50 draw! The last I heard the pot was over $16,000. What a great time to win money and support health care close to home! Foundation Director, Allison Cox has done and excellent job of keeping the fundraising strong through such a time of isolation. Be on the lookout for the online silent auction at You won’t be disappointed by the local treasures it includes! Bidding begins on December 7.

And, the billy goat has a new (great) home! We were all happy!