Young farmers focus of new study

By Gary Sliworsky
Ag rep, Emo

The Junior Farmers’ Association of Ontario (JFAO) recently received funding to lead and execute an investigation into the entrant barriers young farmers in Ontario might face when trying to enter the agricultural industry.
The purpose of this project is to identify what resources/assistance are needed to help these young agriculturalists overcome the hurdles and inhibitors they face while trying to pursue farm ownership.
Two focuses of this project include: 1) what hurdles and/or inhibitors young farmers have regarding entry; and 2) Identifying the hurdles overcome by those that have been farming for five years or less and how they achieved success when faced with these challenges.
In order to identify these hurdles and inhibitors, the Junior Farmers’ Association of Ontario is looking for agriculturalists that have been farming for five years or less, as well as those looking to enter the industry.
These people would take part in in-person question and answer sessions that will take place across the province.
JFAO provides opportunities for young people age 15–29 of all backgrounds, but especially those in rural Ontario.
Members take on the challenge of exploring their individual talents and potential to develop personally while being involved in bettering their communities, networking, and having fun.
JFAO’s mission is “To Build Future Rural Leaders Through Self-Help and Community Betterment.”
If you are interested in being a participant or would like more information, please contact Jessica Burgess, JFAO Executive Director of Agricultural Programs at:
Dates to remember
•Sept. 29–Cattle sale, Stratton Sales Barn. Contact Philip Krahn 852-4384.