Leadership program offered next month

By Gary Sliworsky
Ag rep, Emo

In collaboration with the Rural Ontario Institute (ROI), the Ontario Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) has been promoting a leadership development program committed to the development and implementation of training to recruit and retain a group of visionary organization leaders who are capable of moving the Ontario beef industry forward.
This program will increase the leadership skills of existing or potential organization leaders, enhance the credibility of the association, and better prepare leaders to move the industry forward in times of change or challenge.
The future of any agricultural sector relies heavily upon the strong leadership abilities of those within the sector.
This long-term strategy will work to ensure that participants of this program gain the skills, confidence, and expertise to create important alliances, as well as foster innovation and creative thinking within and beyond the OCA for years to come.
The concept of this program arose from a county resolution brought forward to the OCA.
The program, which began last fall and has graduated one class, includes a number of training days covering various topics, such as governance, meeting management, leadership styles, and organization assessment and planning.
The knowledge and skills developed through participation in this program will include a focus on the individual, on effective meetings, and on the organization.
Topics include communication, dealing with change, motivating others, meeting management, effective listening skills, and leadership styles.
Also covered are effective group mediation tools and techniques, board roles and responsibilities, effective policies and procedures, and effective skills for recruiting others to the board/organization.
The OCA has offered to run a class for the Rainy River, Kenora, and Thunder Bay districts this fall. They plan to run the program Nov. 14-16 in Thunder Bay.
The cost is $150 per person–but if you finish the three-day course, the money will be reimbursed. The motel rooms will be covered based on double occupancy.
We would like to see at least 10 participants from Rainy River District. One or two people from each district organization would make this possible.
If you are interested in participating, call Kim Jo Bliss at 482-2863 or 275-9706.
Please consider taking some time and participating in this program.