Guide to local foods produced

The Rainy River Valley Food for All committee is a group of individuals and representatives of organizations associated with agriculture and community health who hope to improve the awareness and economics of locally-produced foods in the Rainy River Valley by fostering more effective direct marketing, education, and promotion.
In addition to individual producers, some of the committee representation includes the Northwestern Health Unit, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Rural Affairs, the Healthy Communities Coalition, Agriculture in the Classroom, and the Clover Valley Farmers’ Market.
The committee has evolved/developed over the past five years.
The purpose of the committee is to advocate, promote, and educate to and with local producers, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers across the district on issues regarding local food use.
Buying locally benefits and strengthens communities by boosting the local economy with food dollars.
With assistance from the Rainy River Future Development Corp., the committee produced a “Buy Local! Buy Fresh Guide to Local Food,” which allows consumers to directly contact/locate local several food producers across the district.
The food products include vegetables, eggs, beef, lamb, pork, elk, and baked goods.
This is an opportunity for local producers to promote local food and increase economic opportunities.
Buying locally-grown food is good for consumers. They know where and how food is grown, and who grows it
Locally-grown produce is fresh and tasty, and does not require long-distance transportation.
Consumers can support local agriculture, protect farm land, and contribute to a healthy local economy.
They become more aware of their relationship to the land and our food that makes our lives possible.
Food guides have been distributed to the Northwestern Health Unit offices in Fort Frances, Emo, Rainy River, and Sioux Lookout/Nestor Falls, the Clover Valley Farmers’ Market, Rainy River Meats, the “Best Start” hub, the Healthy Communities Coalition, and numerous municipal offices in the district.
They also are available at the OMAF/MRA office in Emo.