‘Green’ interns available

Do you need help making environmental improvements to your farm or is your organization involved in providing environmental benefits to the agriculture sector?
Hire an intern through the Agricultural Youth Green Jobs Initiative!
Canada’s Agricultural Youth Green Jobs Initiative will provide $1.9 million to help farmers, non-profits, and other organizations involved in the agriculture sector create jobs for post-secondary graduates who are 30 years or younger and want to work in agriculture.
Eligible projects will:
•benefit the environment either on or off the farm; and
•last at least four months.

“Green Farms” offers farmers funding of up to 50 percent (up to $10,000 per worker) of the cost of hiring young interns for environmentally-beneficial projects.
“Green Internships” offers organizations up to 50 percent of the cost of hiring young workers (up to $16,000 per intern) for environmental activities, services, or research that will benefit the agriculture sector.
Non-profits with five employees or less may be eligible for funding of up to 80 percent.
For both streams, projects must be completed before March 31, 2017.
The agriculture sector accounts for roughly one-in-eight jobs, employing more than 2.3 million Canadians, and always is looking to attract skilled labour.
The Green Jobs Initiative will make it easier for farmers and employers to tap into a pool of young and eager graduates looking to contribute to a more sustainable and greener environment while gaining valuable work experience.
The Agricultural Youth Green Jobs Initiative is a part of the federal government’s Youth Employment Strategy to help young people get the information and gain the skills, work experience, and abilities they need to succeed in the labour market.
Applications now are being accepted and will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis until all funds have been allocated.
For more information on eligibility or to apply, visit www.canada.ca/agriculture-green-jobs or call 1-866-452-5558.