Buyers impressed with cattle quality

I was fortunate to be able to take off a few days last week and do some much needed tasks at home. We are at a good spot her at the Station but now we really need to get cleaning seed and doing some data! We will. This week that will begin. The rest of the hops need to come down and our plots will be chisel ploughed. This fall has been much easier for all of us. I saw someone comment the other day about how the leaves are putting on such a great display and it is true. I think last year everything was drowned out including our leaves.
I had my cows and calves locked up at home, so it was an easier task to get them in for the Cattle Sale. We are getting smarter as well. I run a temporary fence right to the corral, so it was a pretty quick way to get everyone in. Sorting the cows and calves off can be a bit more time consuming and this time the cows knew exactly what was going on. I had a million little notes on who was staying and who was going so I stalled things a few times as I struggled to read my notes without my cheater glasses. I think the group at home is one of the quieter groups I have had. I waited until Sunday and moved my cows to fresh grass and that made them forget all their problems. I have a few that are still coming home in hopes of taking their calf back, but most are over it.
I was hoping to finish hauling manure last week, but we were out waiting for a tire. The tire arrived but was incorrect, so we are still waiting. Crossing my fingers, the weather stays decent enough we can finish that task. It is a good one to have off the list. As always you seem to find rocks hauling this “natures candy” so I need to do some rock inspection on the fields that have been spread on.
We had a great sale once again! We sold 1326 head for $1,612,643.77. We heard comments from some of the buyers that this was one of our best sales for quality of cattle. As well I had numerous comments and people reach out to me that were viewing our sale on the DLMS network regarding our protocol animals. The interest is growing. Thank you to our staff, producers and of course our buyers. We have three weeks off and we will be selling again on October 17.
Just a quick reminder this is a great time of the year to soil sample your fields. You will be ready for early fertilizer application and you will know exactly what your fields are needing. Let me know if you have any questions about that and I will be happy to give you a hand!