Our town hosted two major business conferences last week and, judging by the rave reviews from delegates, we did an absolutely bang-up job. Those attending the annual general meeting of the Northwestern Ontario Associated Chambers of Commerce couldn’t say enough about what a great time they had in Fort Frances […]

You can’t blame organizers of the annual Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce trade show for scratching their heads this week, nor feeling quite frustrated. After all, the 10th-annual show was sold out from an exhibitors point of view, the curling club provided a cozy, professional-looking setting, and 10 great door […]

It’s a fair bet to say most Ontarians are in favour of higher standards in the classroom, and a return to the basics. Parents are well aware of the need for their children to have the best education possible in order to compete on the job market of the 21st […]

You can’t blame people living in Northwestern Ontario for being just a little unsympathetic towards last week’s uproar in the centre of the known universe–Toronto–that was sparked by the big jump in gasoline prices. The masses in southern Ontario suddenly were paying about the same price we face at the […]

Town council is wasting its time grappling with a decision on whether to allow questions on charitable gaming halls and the municipal bus on the ballot in November. On the gaming issue, it appears the people’s decision will be moot because the province intends to award casinos to companies next […]

All along we’ve been told to be patient. To wait and see. To avoid making wild speculations until all the numbers are in. Preliminary numbers, even when prepared by people who are supposed to know what they’re doing, were brushed aside by shocked town councils, which weren’t eager to let […]

Alaskan politicians are fuming these days over the recent blockade of one of their ferries by angry B.C. fishermen, arguing these vessels have the right of “innocent passage” through Canadian waters. The brouhaha, of course, wasted little time reaching Washington, D.C., where Congress passed a resolution deploring the actions taken […]

You’ve got to wonder how many people realized, when “Ice for Kids” first started their crusade for a second indoor ice surface here in Fort Frances, that part of the price tag would be the loss of Memorial Arena. But that’s exactly what is in the works now that town […]