Rainy Lake Herald

Reports From All Parts Of Northwestern Ontario Point to a Boom in These Gold Fields This Year. Now is the time to Invest.

Never since that days of old Midas have the riches of old mother earth been revealed as they have in the past year. And this is apparently the beginning as Northwestern Ontario bidfair to eclipse anything ever heard of to the world’s history. Had a Montezuma or a Pizzaro lived in the district these days they would have had tenfold the riches to show a Cortez than they had in their time. Every day brings reports of fresh finds, and every week brings news of gold bricks that would have turned old King Solomon green with envy. The recent report of a rich strike at Mikado has been investigated by the inspector and confirms what has heretofore been published.

Several more rich strikes are also reported from Lake of the Woods all of which indicate that gold is where you find it and not where so called mining experts say it should be, or should not be.

In the Seine River gold fields the projects were never brighter and as the stamp mills now running turn out the gold bullion it will not require as much effort to convince skeptics that we have the gold. The Seine River district now have 50 stamps as against 20 a year ago. Of these “Golden Star” and “Alice A” the most recent, are showing up wonderful results, each succeeding cleanup being richer than the first.

The latest news from the district is that the “AD2” property has changed lands and development work will at once be commenced. This property is one of the best in the district and it is a matter of congratulation that it be once more re-opened. With the Lucky Coon and Ferguson again operating, Mine Center and Bell City will soon be a regular beehive of industry. At Sturgeon Falls several good properties are being developed with excellent results, especially the Golden Crown and Independent mines. Farther east we have a number of rich properties at Island Falls that are showing up some marvelous ore and this being along the line of the new road is bound to become a prosperous mining camp.

In the Manitou we have the Swed Boys mine and several other properties thus covering an area of rich deposits which for gold mining is unexcelled.