Shevlin-Clarke Probably Finished Here

Fort Frances Times and Rainy Lake Herald

The blast of the Shevlin-Clark Sawmill whistle last evening marked the end of the 1940 sawing season for that large industry and possibly the end of all sawing seasons for the Shevlin-Clark Company Ltd.

As yet, no definite commitments have been made as to the future plans of the company, whether they still continue operating, whether they sell, or whether they tear down the plant.

M. A. Malene, who has been the local manger ever since 1925, said that of course the planning mill will continue operations until the supply of lumber on hand will be shipped. This would probably require two years.

The Shevlin-Clark mill commenced operations here on June 5, 1911, after the plant had been moved from Rainy River. Two years later the second mill, that is the east sawmill, was built. The company has, during the 30 years, been engaged in in the manufacture of high grade white and Norway Pine lumber. Several hundred men have had employment in the two sawmills.