Reorganization of Local Paper mill is Announced

Fort Frances Times and Rainy Lake Herald

Will be Known as Ontario And Minnesota Paper Company; Kenora and Fort Frances Plants Are in the New Company

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Formation of the Ontario-Minnesota Pulp and Paper Company Limited under Letters Patent granted under date of April 28 was announced by R. H. M. Robinson, President of Minnesota and Ontario Paper Company.

The Ontario-Minnesota Pulp and Paper Company Limited, a Canadian Company, is in an outgrowth of the reorganization of Minnesota and Ontario paper Company, which has been under trusteeship since February 28,1931, and which was reorganized effective as of March 1, 1941.

  • The Ontario-Minnesota Pulp and Paper Company Limited is an amalgamation of:
  • Kenora Paper Mills, Limited
  • The Keewatin Power Company, Limited
  • The Keewatin Lumber Company, Limited
  • The Fort Frances Pulp and Paper Company, Limited
  • The Ontario and Minnesota Power Company, Limited, and as such will own the properties and conduct the business of the companies so amalgamated.

Following are the directors of the newly organized company: R. H. M. Robinson, C. T. Jaffray, J. B. Feagre, Shirley S. Ford, R. W. Andrews and R. D. Main, all of Minneapolis, and Robert S. Waldie, Toronto, Ontario.
The officers of the company are R. H. M. Robinson, president; R. W. Andrews, senior vice-president; C. T. McMurray, vice- president, and R. J. Henderson, vice president, all of Minneapolis; Donald McLeod, Kenora, Ontario, vice president; R. D. Main, secretary-treasurer, and F. J. Hickling, comptroller, both of Minneapolis.

The company will operate as two divisions, Kenora Division, Kenora, Ontario, of which Ralph Bateman is general manager, and the Fort Frances Division, Fort Frances, Ontario of which Clarence Larson is general manager.