Fort Frances Times and Rainy Lake Herald

On Friday evening a meeting of the baseball fans was held in the Town Hall and plans were made to put a team in the field that would be a credit to Fort Frances. The meeting was called to order by Art. Torseth and the following officers were elected for the year: President, Ted Berge, Vice President, Art. Mathieu, Sec.-Treas., A. V. Haley, Manager, R. Bailey.

Loyally supported by the public and Town Council Fort Frances Hockey Teams have provided us with good clean sport and now with the coming of the Baseball Season many of the many of the hockey players are out to put Fort Frances on the map as a baseball town as well.

Walter Woodward, manager of the Backus Greys, R. Bailey, Trainer of the Town Hockey team, Torseth, Goodwin, Morris, McMillan, Mathieu and others of both hockey teams are behind this movement and respectfully ask the public to extend to baseball the same support they gave to hockey.

You sporting fans out there who braved the coldest nights of the winter to cheer these boys in many a hard fought hockey match come turn out again and boost, boost for baseball.