Times installs new press

Fort Frances Times and Rainy Lake Herald

This issue of the Fort Frances Times you are now reading is a product of the first “run” of the new Goss Cox-O_Type automatic roll-fed newspaper press which has been installed in the Fort Frances Times over the month.
This modern newspaper press, of the latest design in its class, produced by the world famous Goss newspaper press company, it is equipped with a Goss Cox-O_colour attachment which permits the printing of colour on certain pages on the same “run” as the black ink is printed.

The large press was of course installed by factory representatives who have been working on the job for the past two weeks.

Of interest is the press foundation, which alone entails an expenditure, including press pit and concrete floor of over $3,000.

The press room, located in the building adjoining the Times building on the east is one of the most modern anywhere.

It has double door access so that paper rolls are brought right into the building with the truck unloading motorized portable cranes.

The building, when double doors are tightly closed, is air conditioned with positive humidity and temperature controls, two vital essentials to good press operation and good printing.

The newsprint used is, as heretofore, entirely the product of the Fort Frances paper mill, made form wood fibre supplied by district farmers, pulp cutters, contractors and company operations from their own timber in the district.