New, Modern Fort Theatre to Open on Friday Night

Fort Frances Times and Rainy Lake Herald

Tomorrow a new theatre opens its doors to provide cinema entertainment- the new Fort Frances theatre which will be managed by Fred Polenske, well-known local young man, son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Polenske, who have operated the Royal theatre in this town for the past 31 years.

In all these years, since may, 1918, the local theatre patrons have enjoyed not only good first run pictures but also at the lowest admission prices for corresponding quality pictures anywhere in Canada, with few, if any, exceptions.
There have been times when it was necessary to line up on the sidewalk to see a particularly popular picture, but at no time, or certainly on very few occasions, were any persons denied the opportunity of seeing pictures of their choice because of seating space.

A second theatre for Fort Frances has long been considered by the Polenske family but the problem of operating two theatres where there was only one before, without a substantial increase in admission prices was essentially a deterring factor.

Fort Francs is growing, however and the time is at hand, the Polenskes believe, when the increased population will support a second cinema house, and consequently they took advantage of the opportunity over the past year and as a result the new Fort Theatre opens tomorrow showing the picture, “I Was a Male War Bride” with Gary Grant and Ann Sheridan.

Admission prices will be 18 and 40 cents, whereas the Royal the former very low price of 12 and 36 cents will remain in effect.

The Fort Theatre is of the most modern design with all of the latest conveniences and gadgets, designs and ornamentation. It is approximately 155X32 feet and contains 495 seats.

The Royal is at present a 571 seat house, so that at present 1066 theatre patrons mat be seated at one time in Fort Frances with both houses full. At one time the Royal was a larger house than at present-that is, it was smaller, in size, but had a greater number of seats.

The remodelling program in 1937-38 reduced seating capacity from 640 to 571, providing more space for each theatre seat. The Royal was then also remodelled to conform with all the latest cinema board regulations for safety and comfort of patrons. It was originally in 1918 a 300 seat house.

It is anticipated by the Polenske family that the new, attractive feature of the Fort theatre combined with an excellent list of pictures already booked will assure a good patronage and that the new theatre will develop a larger theatre patronage in Fort Frances so that the present low admission prices may be maintained.