New Juvenile Hockey League is Formed

Fort Frances Times and Rainy Lake Herald

Supporters of amateur hockey have brought about the organization of new league which will take the place of the Kiwanis League, which functioned splendidly for the past two years. Four teams have been formed, the Green Leafs, the Safeties, the Pills, and the West Ends.

An election of officers resulted as follows: Hon, President, Col. D. C. McKenzie, President, J. A. Alexander, vice President, F. H. Huffman, Secretary-Treasurer, Alan Tibbetts, Jr. It was agreed that the new league should operate along the same lines as the Kiwanis, maintaining the same age ruling, limiting it to boys under 18 years of age.

Tonight the opening battle will be staged when Rusty Green’s Green Leafs tangle with Frank Fraleigh’s Safeties. Frank says that the Leafs are lucky to have an undertaker as a manager, as they’ll surely need one before the game is over. In the nightcap Syd Ward’s West End aggregation will endeavour to take Doc Nealy’s Pills into camp. Doc thinks they may find the Pills hard to take. But there should be a real interesting hockey evening. Let’s go!