Fort Frances Times and Rainy Lake Herald

On Sunday the 17th the town ball team journeyed over and engaged the crack Insulite team of International Falls, in the first game of the season. This game was in the nature of practice for and the final result is no indicator of the play.

The Fort has at least assembled a well balanced team, who extended the very much improved Falls aggregation to the limit to gain the long end of a 7 – 3 score. The boys deserved great credit for playing a stellar game against the semi-pro Battery who had but little on Carpentier and Torseth this year. Carpentier in the box gave a real account of himself and had the Babe Ruth’s of the Insulites fanning the breeze. Moran on first is a great improvement to the team and played a stellar game. Rusty Green was all over the lot as usual. George Johnson excelled himself in the field and will give a good account of himself this season. Si Morris gave us a real ball with his usual bursts of speed. The boards were the only thing that kept McGregor from spearing them all. Pat L’Heureux on third base played a nice game and Morris Godin at short gave the fans as many thrills as he did on the ice last winter. Art Torseth on the receiving end worked to perfection with Carpentier. Sunday proved we had a goods this year and with the wholehearted support of the fans, these boys are going to make it an interesting season.

Now fans lets turn out and make this a booster year for our ball team. The material is here, all it needs is your support. Let’s go ahead in baseball this year as we did in hockey last winter. Boost our ball team and boost our town. June 3 is booster day, get ready.