Fort Frances Times and Rainy Lake Herald

Order in Council Authorizing the New Beverage is Signed Today

Toronto, May 9. — The Order-in-Council, authorizing sale of 4.4 per cent beer, was signed today by Lieut.-Governor Harry Cockshutt, and May 21 set as the date of sale is confirmed by the Premier. A revenue of $6,000 is expected from thirty Ontario breweries which are to pay a tax of $200. This tax is also imposed on non-provincial breweries operating warehouses in the Province in addition to $5,000 tax on such breweries, which is imposed to protect Provincial concerns.

Toronto, May 9. — The Toronto Telegram says today: “Strenuous last minute efforts are being made by the hotel-keepers of the province to have the Ferguson Cabinet withhold 4.4 insofar as they demand boarding up or tearing out of bars, held up for ninety days to see what demand there is for the new beverage. The hotel-keepers are not at all optimistic. the Prime Minister will take up the matter with the Cabinet at once.