Construction set for Dryen senior’s housing

Press release

The Board of Directors of Timberland Estates are happy to announce that preliminary work is complete and they will proceed with their second apartment building in Dryden.

Construction work is expected to start around the end of March, with completion and move-in about May, 2022.

Travis Penner, representing our builder Bridge Road Construction of Winkler, Manitoba indicated that tenders for sub-trades are going out now and he expects local contractors will be involved. He intends to place an order within a few days for precast concrete piles, the first stage.

The new building will be basically a mirror image twin to the one opened on Van Horne Avenue in Dryden a year ago. Travis said “That project went very well, came in on time and on budget. We found the Dryden people very good to work with and are happy to come back again”

Some of the 24 senior-friendly apartments in the new building are already spoken for, and Peggy Burton of Bridge Road will begin marketing the rest immediately. The Board is confident the new building will be fully occupied very quickly.

Timberland Estates President Jason Owen said “Speaking on behalf of the Board, this will bring our total investment in Dryden up close to $17 million. We are very proud to have worked with local investors to fill this need for independent seniors housing in our community.”