ArriveCan or ArriveCan’t?

The Debating table at the Bakery was in an uproar this past week. A dozen voices simultaneously offered opinions and raised questions about just how things were going to work at the Border with the Nov 30 change in restrictions for quick trips to the U.S. and returning in less than 72 hours without a Covid test.

To say the opinions were diverse and uninformed would be an understatement.

“You just have to wave this certificate of Vaccination and Jake’s your Dutch Uncle and you’re back in Canada free and clear. After all what could they do to you?” roared Pickle in full voice echoing a tinge of desperation. Part of this desperation on his part is a seasonal issue as he still has not yet managed to bag a buck. A separate issue but this lack of huntsmen prowess has a profound effect on his mental attitude on all other issues.

“Well the news release here says you have to set your return up ahead of time with ArriveCan’t on your smart phone,” I offered as I poked a couple of more digits in to the iPhone.

“Or what! They can’t refuse me entry back to Canada! I’m a citizen!” snorted Pickle in his best imitation of a rutting buck.

“Says here you could be forced into quarantine and maybe hit with a $5000 fine,” I again said holding up the iPhone as evidence.

“Bull (excrement)! What if you don’t have a smart phone or internet?”queried Pickle as he squirmed nervously in his chair, the prospect of a $5000 fine having unsettled him.

“Well again the ArriveCan’t App says you can use a public computer to file your return appointment or ask a friend to do it for you on their smart phone,” I relayed and then quickly switched my phone to Facebook and “Unfriended” all my contacts as several around the table started their requests in my direction for my schedule.

“But my phone isn’t smart. I barely know how to make phone calls on it,” whimpered Wally as a tear leaked from his eye and a look of completed hopelessness washed across his face.

“No Wally, use that iPad you’ve spent the last six months taking lessons on. Just download the ArriveCan’t app, fill it out and your done,” I breezed as I elbowed cups out of the way and tucked into my toast and peanut butter.

“So you do it once and that’s it?” asked Sheila as she input her and Hubby’s data.

“No you have to do it each time you enter the country, but it saves your data so shouldn’t take but a few minutes each time,” I explained as I reached for my iPhone to wipe off a splatter of coffee Pickle had slopped on his over enthusiastic third free refill. The screen flashed, beeped loudly and then informed me all my data had been deleted. O Rats!

Rick our Mountie-wanna-be, retired Peace Officer, suddenly roused himself from a semi-comatose state and inquired if he crossed at International Falls would he be able to re-enter Canada at Rainy River. The Debating Table was evenly divided on whether or not he could. It was unanimous on the opinion he shouldn’t even attempt it.

Personally I am going to give it a try on Nov 30- the first day it is allowed- for a quick trip to Winnipeg for a medical appointment. With the Minnesota Covid infection rate about 3000% higher per capita than here, I won’t be tarrying or socializing along the way.

But I will definitely find out if it’s ArriveCan or ArriveCan’t. See you in the border crossing line up