Nothing defines being a senior more than the Pill Routine. When we were younger it was probably only the odd vitamin pill or some antibiotics for an ear infection or a severe chest cold, or maybe a stepped on rusty nail. But as the years roll on there seems to […]

Country kids get to experience a whole different set of life experiences that the townies are denied.Aside from the privations of the outdoor privy and cold winter mornings, there were not too manycountry life experiences I would rather have missed out on. The smell of freshly mown red clover is […]

I’ve spent the last few days wandering across the wilds of both northern and southern Ontario remembering my youth. Did not see any brown until I got past Sault Ste. Marie and was beginning to suspect that the white was permanent and went on forever. However bare ground did appear […]

Its spring and the roadsides and lawns will soon be turning a beautiful yellow. Time for a rededication. It’s that time of year again when the lawn warrior girds himself for battle. Weapons belt bristling with digger, snippers, three varieties of weed killer, and other assorted instruments of war, the […]

It was an absolute cacophony of sound when I walked up to the Debating Table at the Bakery in Rainy River the other morning. All ten voices were going at once, talking…no… shouting over each other. Envelopes were being waved and fists pounded on the table. Cups were sloshing and […]

After two years of Covid panic and the unending winter of 22 while we hid in our caves fearfulof contact with any other plague carrying human, are we ready to step back out into the real world? Is it time for a road trip? How many more booster shots before […]

Do you have a suspicion that manufacturers of all sort of products are spying on you? You could be right. Every time you get on the net, almost immediately your inbox is flooded with the most inane information toting products you simply “could not live without.” Maybe it’s time we […]

Ziggy was moving kind of slow the other morning as he limped up to the Debating Table at the Bakery in Rainy River. “Haven’t got that new hip scheduled yet?” I inquired as we all held out our cups for a refill. Ziggy obliged and the put on another pot […]

The parade of ice fishing shacks made their way off the river last week in a solemn procession. They were in various stages of deconstruction dependent on how badly they were frozen in prior to the trek. But this is not the end of the ice fishing season. With some […]

There is never a shortage of lies…er I mean fishing information at the Debating Table in the Bakery in Rainy River. Even the restricted attendance due to the pandemic cannot restrict the free flow of information on this vital topic. With ice-out nearly upon us a review of the winter […]

The dog days of winter are about gone and with the tang of spring in the early morning air the usual crowd at the Bakery down in Drizzle Creek had a visible spring in their step as they headed in for the morning debating session. Everyone was up early and […]