Praise merited

Dear editor:
Foster families throughout the district are meeting a need that is greater than ever before. During Foster Family Week, Oct. 19-25, their contributions merit the highest recognition and praise.
Family and Children’s Services applaud the contributions that the 40 foster families provide to other families and children in crisis in our district.
The foster family is central to the work we do in child welfare. Without the dedication and the commitment of these foster families, we would not be able to provide the protection some children in our district desperately need.
To a large extent, people do not realize this, but should know that children who have to be placed outside their natural surroundings are usually the result of some type of problem in the home. If and when it becomes necessary, a child is placed in a foster home until the situation at home becomes stable again.
During this period of time, the child needs to feel safe, loved, and secure. These are the important attributes the foster family can–and do–supply while, at the same time, combine this giving of affection with keeping their own family life balanced.
Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario provide substitute care for more than 20,500 children annually. Canadian Foster Family Week provides a focus for our community to recognize the contributions and commitment of these foster families, and an opportunity for us to alert the public to the need for more foster parents to care for children in need.
This week is a tribute to these very dedicated families as they are a very vital part of our community.
Sandy Skirten,
Foster care co-ordinator
Fort Frances)