Motocross clinic

motorcross clinic


Emo Motocross (EMX) hosted a clinic conducted by Winnipeg motocross riders Ami and Kim Houde on July 22. Pictured here are Dawson Pollard, front row left, Landon Flinders, Ami Houde, Kali Tessier, and Ozzy Hanson, and Dillon Tessier, back row left, Cole, Alex,and Blake Kreger, Julia Guertin, John Gavel, and Kim Houde. John Gavel graciously created this track for all to use, safely and to continue the sportsmanship and community that motocross really builds. Weekly practice/riding is usually Wednesday and Sunday evenings (weather permitting). For more info on the group, check out “EMX Emo Motorcross 2018” on Facebook.