Coke fountain


Stephanie Hagenaars

An erupting demonstration was given at the Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre on Thursday afternoon during a “Mad Science Day” live show. Connie Schwartz, a chemistry teacher at Confederation College here, showed the group of kids and adults many cool science experiments, such as chemicals that change colour when shaken and then left to rest and how to make “Magic Mud” (a substance that acts like a liquid when resting or moving but solidifies once you slap, punch, or squeeze it). The show was topped off by a demonstration of what happens when a roll of Mentos candy is dropped into a two-litre bottle of Diet Coke. Schwartz said it is still unknown why the reaction is caused or why it works best with Diet Coke, but what is known is that the sticky and fizzy burst is an exciting science day must (with supervision, of course).