Trio pumped for provincial qualifier

Dan Falloon

A trio of local figure athletes are going to be showing off their physiques at a provincial qualifier this Saturday in Sault Ste. Marie.
Alana Pierce, who attended last year’s qualifier in Sudbury, will lead rookies Andrea Turgeon and Kailey Curtis into action this weekend.
Pierce said deciding to compete was just an extension of an activity in which she already was heavily involved.
“I’ve always been interested in fitness,” she stressed.
“I thought that it was something I’d like to do.”
The other two felt they were stiff-armed into training a little bit more.
“Alana’s very persuasive,” Turgeon and Curtis kidded.
All three women will compete in the figure discipline, which stresses a sleeker, more athletic shape than bodybuilding.
“It’s a category for women who want to keep training but don’t want to build up that bodybuilder look,” Pierce explained.
Pierce finished fourth in the figure (tall) discipline last year, and this year is aiming for a top-three finish.
“I’m hoping to do one better,” she remarked. “A lot of what I’ve been practising is stage presence . . . smiling, posing.”
Each rookie, meanwhile, took a much different focus to training because they had different figures beforehand.
“For me, it was balancing out my upper and lower body because I had very muscular legs to begin with, and that’s not always a great thing,” Turgeon noted.
“I tried to gain size,” chimed in Curtis, adding competitors in the division usually are a little bit older and a little more naturally developed.
Turgeon also said that while getting into the proper frame of mind for such a competition is a notable part of preparation, it takes strong focus to approach training, too.
“[It’s] stage presence, for sure. But just to compete, getting the confidence to go on stage in a little, little bathing suit,” she laughed.
“It takes a lot of discipline, a lot of hard work, and a lot of encouragement from the girlfriends here,” Turgeon added, gesturing to Pierce and Curtis.
“We’ve gotten very close, the three of us.
“[There’s] a lot of neglect in the family department. I have a son and a husband who don’t even know my name anymore,” she joked.
“It takes a lot of support from a lot of people,” agreed Pierce.
Neither of the rookies would commit to putting in the training for another major competition in the immediate future, but it’s something that’s on the radar for some point down the road.
“Right now I’m going to say no, just because I’m exhausted and sick of being in the gym,” Turgeon remarked.
“But . . . it was the same with my first marathon, too.”
“Eventually I’ll probably do it again,” said Curtis. “But I’m going to wait until I’m more fully developed before I start up again.”