Team awaits OFSAA seeding, schedule

The Muskies should find out early next week where they’ll be seeded at the all-Ontarios and what their schedule will be.
“It depends on who’s doing the seeding and what they think of the Muskie program,” noted Muskie head coach Glen Edwards, whose team was ranked ninth at OFSAA last year in Dryden.
“It’s varied over the years,” he added. “When we were going strong in the ’80s, we were in the top four and always in the top eight.”
Edwards said all 16 of the qualifying teams must have their information in to the OFSAA committee by this Friday.
For the Muskies, that will include games outside of league play, including tournaments in Winnipeg and Warroad, as well as their exhibition action against American teams.
The Muskies will add a couple of more hours of ice time in Emo, and already have scheduled an informal exhibition game against a Liniment League team.
But Edwards ruled out the possibility of playing an exhibition game against another high school team. “There’s really nobody to play,” he reasoned.
In related news, there are no plans to arrange for accommodations or transportation for parents and fans making the trip to Sudbury for the March 22-25 tournament.
Those interested in going will have to make their own arrangements.
“In the past, we have not done that but other [schools] have, if they have had empty seats on the bus, in order to raise extra money,” noted Fort High principal Terry Ellwood.
“Everybody is on their own,” said Edwards, adding the team already has booked rooms at the Comfort Inn in Sudbury.
“We take our own bus and make our own arrangements,” he noted.