Skaters shine in Thunder Bay

Nineteen skaters from the local Border Skate Club and 16 from the Emo Figure Skating Club competed in the annual Thunder Bay Open last weekend.
EFSC skater Ashlee Nordstrom captured three first-place standings in her four singles events, while Dana Drennan, Taylor Latimer, and Kalene Krause each achieved two.
“Considering our club only skates five months a year, they all did pretty good,” said EFSC coach Marie-Josee Potvin.
The Thunder Bay Open attracted more than 450 skaters from the region—making it the biggest meet of the season.
Sarah McComb and Shane Katona, a pair of senior skaters with the BSC, are heading to the provincials March. 16 in Sudbury. Katona will skate in the gold men’s freeskate while McComb will compete in the senior silver freeskate.
Meanwhile, with the season winding down, both clubs are working on their annual ice shows.
The Emo skaters will present “A Tribute to the Big Apple” at the Emo/La Vallee Community Centre on March 23 at 7 p.m. The BSC’s show—“Mamma Mia!”—will be staged April 6-7 at the Ice for Kids Arena.
Here are the results of the BSC and EFSC skaters at the Thunder Bay Open:
< *c>BSC
•Pre-Preliminary Ladies’ Elements—Jenna-Rae Cousineau (gold), Samantha Loveday (bronze), Molly Tharalson (4th), Tara Tovey (4th), Christy Herr (9th), and Faith Kakeeway (11th);
•Pre-Preliminary Ladies’ Freeskate—Tara Tovey (silver), Jenna-Rae Cousineau (silver), Molly Tharalson (bronze), Rylee Blasky (bronze), Samantha Loveday (4th), Christy Herr (6th), Sarah DeGagne (7th), Jillian Kellar (10th), Caitlin Sande (11th), and Faith Kakeeway (14th);
•Intermediate Ladies Interpretive—Samantha Loveday (6th), Tara Tovey (6th);
•Preliminary Ladies Spins—Molly Tharalson (9th)
•Senior Ladies’ Interpretive—Jenna-Rae Cousineau (5th), Kate Basaraba (9th);
•Junior bronze Ladies’ Elements—Kate Basaraba (4th), Athena Pirkl (9th), Jessica Wilson (14th);
•Junior bronze Ladies’ Spins—Athena Pirkl (11th);
•Junior bronze Ladies’ Freeskate—Athena Pirkl (gold), Kate Basaraba (gold), Jessica Wilson (11th), Sara Osmar-Hartlin (11th);
•Pre-bronze Ladies’ Artistic—Rylee Blasky (5th);
•Pre-Preliminary Mens’ Elements—Josh DeGagne (gold);
•Pre-Preliminary Mens’ Freeskate—Michael Sande (gold), Josh DeGagne (silver), Michael Nelson (silver);
•Junior Mens’ Interpretive—Michael Nelson (4th);
•Intermediate Mens’ Interpretive—Michael Sande (4th); and
•Challenge Event—Jillian Kellar (gold), Michael Nelson (gold), Caitlin Sande (4th), Ashlyn Campbell (4th) Sarah DeGagne (7th);
•Pre-Preliminary Team Event–Sarah DeGagne, Jillian Kellar, Michael Nelson, Caitlyn Sande (gold), Tara Tovey, Molly Tharalson, Faith Kakeeway, Samantha Loveday (silver)
•Preliminary Team Event–Rylee Blasky, Jenna-Rae Cousineau, Christy Herr, Michael Sande (gold)
•Junior Bronze Team Event–Kate Basaraba, Kayla Caul, Athena Pirkl, Jessica Wilson (fourth)
< *c>EFSC
•Pre-Preliminary Ladies’ Elements—Ashlee Nordstrom (gold), Dana Drennan (gold), Taylor Latimer (gold), Kalene Krause (gold);
•Pre-Preliminary Ladies’ Freeskate—Ashlee Nordstrom (gold), Dana Drennan (gold), Taylor Latimer (gold), Kalene Krause (gold);
•Preliminary Spins—Ashlee Nordstrom (gold), Taylor Latimer (bronze), Kalene Krause (4th), Dana Drennan (11th);
•Preliminary Team Event—Nordstrom, Drennan, Latimer, and Krause (5th);
•Pre-Preliminary Team Event—Kayla Benjamin, Kendra Krause, Kennedy Latimer, and Meaghan Jasper (6th);
•Junior Bronze Ladies’ Freeskate—Kayla Caul (gold);
•Junior Silver Ladies’ Spins—Noreen Hartlin (4th)
•Junior Silver Ladies’ Freeskate—Noreen Hartlin (12th)
•Senior Bronze Spins—Kayla Caul;
•Challenge Event—Kayla Benjamin (silver), Kendra Krause (bronze), Meaghan Jasper (bronze), Kennedy Latimer (6th), and Paige Vien (8th).
< *c>CanSkate events
•Anklebiters ‘A’—Sophie Potvin-Begin (gold), Halle Demchuk (gold);
•Kneebenders—Paige McNally (gold);
•Hipswingers—Maidson Boisvert (gold), Brandy Strachan (silver), Jenna Wilson (silver), Bailey Whitefield [Border Skate Club] (bronze).