Poker run deemed success

Joey Payeur

The way Saturday unfolded had John Homer feeling a little nostalgic.
Homer was one of the organizers of the Borderland Snowmobile Club’s poker run, which saw 50 riders from as far away as Atikokan and Rainy River make the trek from La Place Rendez-Vous to Emo and back.
Considering only eight people took part the last time such an event was tried locally, Homer could not have been happier.
“It went way better than I expected,” enthused Homer, who has been a member of the club for two years and came up with the idea of holding the poker run.
“I was looking around and seeing families out enjoying themselves and friends hanging out,” he noted.
“It was like I remember snowmobiling was back 15-20 years ago.”
Out of the 50 riders who participated Saturday, 19 purchased the special one-day trail permits for the event for $35 apiece.
“That’s what I wanted—to get people who don’t have full-season permits to come out to see how good the trails are to ride so they will hopefully buy full-season passes next year,” Homer explained.
“It’s a step in the right direction.”
Homer also was grateful for the volunteers who stepped up to help him stage the event.
“People like Missy Christian and Raylene Whalen, who handled the sign-up table, and Phyllis Johnson taking care of selling the permit passes were just unbelievable,” he lauded.
“And, of course, Jordan Christian was instrumental in getting the event poster posted on Facebook to draw more interest,” Homer added.
“They’re the kinds of volunteers you want. They made me look good.”
Homer already is planning one—and possibly two—poker runs for next winter, and has ideas for other snowmobile-based events, as well.
“I would like to put together a family day type of event so all ages can enjoy the trails together,” he noted.
For more information about the local snowmobile club and to view pictures of Saturday’s event, visit the Borderland Snowmobile Club’s Facebook page.
Homer also said a club website should be up and running later this year.