Mitchell ‘backs’ out at nationals

Despite nursing a sore back and completing just one set of lifts, local powerlifter Dave Mitchell placed third in his weight class at the recent national championships in Calgary.
That placing in the 181-pound division, combined with the fact he had placed first in the sub-Masters’ division, assured him a berth into the world showdown (also in Calgary) next November.
Still, Mitchell, 36, said he was disappointed with his performance at the nationals, and was frustrated his injury (which occurred at a previous meet) prevented him from lifting more.
While all competitors are guaranteed three lifts each in the squat, bench press, and deadlift, Mitchell only managed to get through the first round–finishing with a 551-pound squat, a 275-pound bench press, and a 523.5-pound deadlift for a 1,349.5 total.
Although those lifts put him third in his division, Mitchell noted both the squat and deadlift were 50 pounds below his previous best marks while the bench press was 25 pounds shy of his top lift.
Mitchell’s back injury, which he described as “twisted,” occurred earlier last month at a lift in Kelliher, Mn. By comparison, he had lifts of 570 pounds in the squat, 290 in the bench press, and 550 in the deadlift for a 1,410-pound total there.
Mitchell said the back injury prevented him from lifting more in all three categories–and has hampered his training since.
“I hurt it after just my first squat and you need your back for every lift,” he remarked, adding the short time frame between meets–two weeks–made matters worse.
Mitchell said he will continue to train lighter than usual but hinted he may take part in another Minnesota meet–this time in Melrose in August–before he sets himself up for a return trip to Calgary for the world championships.
Still, he said he won’t go to either meet unless he’s at his peak level of performance.
“I just won’t go if my back is still sore,” he stressed.