Indiana man fined for wolf-related violations

From the MNRF

An Indiana man has been fined $2,500 for hunting offences.
Casey Seitzinger of Trafalgar pleaded guilty and was fined $1,500 for affixing his wolf seal to a wolf he did not shoot.
He was fined an additional $1,000 for unlawfully transporting the wolf out of Ontario and into the United States, and received a one-year hunting suspension.
The wolf also was forfeited permanently.
Court heard that on Feb. 25, 2017, a conservation officer inspected two individuals, including Seitzinger, while they were going fishing.
The officer then followed up and inspected export documents which revealed that Seitzinger had exported a wolf on Feb. 27.
Further investigation revealed that Seitzinger was in Atikokan, Ont. on a guided wolf hunt.
After being unsuccessful in his hunt, he was given a wolf by a local trapper and then placed his wolf seal on it. He then obtained the permits required for export under the authority of his hunting licence.
Seitzinger returned home to Indiana unlawfully transporting the wolf out of Ontario.
A joint investigation was undertaken by Ontario and Indiana conservations officers, and it was determined that the wolf had not been harvested by Seitzinger and was transported without the proper documentation.
Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbon heard the case Aug. 1 in Thunder Bay.
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