District runners go the distance

Students from 16 elementary schools from across the area competed in the fourth-annual Rainy River District cross-country championships at Crossroads in Devlin last Wednesday.
Close to 300 runners from grades four to eight took part in the event, which Crossroads principal Brian Love said fell on one of the last warm days of the year.
“I was up very early this morning to look at the satellite forecast,” Love said last Wednesday afternoon. “Someone smiled upon us today. The weather’s been great. We’re very fortunate.”
Each school had been given training programs by the Ontario Physical Health and Education Association–programs which were well-received as students took part in regular lunchtime, gym class, and after school sessions.
“This is a great way to condition our kids in addition to regular gym classes,” noted Love. “It’s really encouraging to see the work individual teachers are doing.”
Students in grades four-six raced on a two-km route around Crossroads’ fields while those in grade seven and eight ran three km.
Awards were given out for the top three finishers in individual races as well as the school team competition, which was based on aggregate scores of their students.
The top runners also qualified for the Mid-Canada cross-country competition later this month in Thunder Bay.
“Every year, they get a little bit faster and the event gets a little bigger,” Love said, adding Crossroads has developed a reputation in the region for their course.
Another school earning its stripes last Wednesday was the nine-person contingent from tiny McCrosson-Tovell in Bergland, representing almost one-fifth of their entire student body yet earning the right to compete here, said teacher/coach Mike McInerney.
“The kids have worked hard and we’re having a great time,” he said of the school’s experience in the cross-country meet after running during their lunch hours.
“We just thought it would be really good to get involved,” McInerney added.
< *c>Results
< *c>Grade Four
•Girls–1. Cheyenne Cochrane (Robert Moore) 2. Chantelle Caul (St. Francis) 3. Carrie Bragg (Sturgeon Creek)
•Boys–1. Justin Anderson (St. Francis) 2. Keith McTavish (Crossroads) 3. Joe Basaraba (Robert Moore)
< *c>Grade Five
Girls–1. Lindsay Richards (Crossroads) 2. Alicia Desserre (Sturgeon Creek) 3. Nicole Mosbeck (Sturgeon Creek)
Boys–1. James Saunders (Crossroads) 2. Talbot Johnson (Mine Centre) 3. Ryan Kaemingh (Crossroads)
< *c>Grade Six
Girls–1. Rachel Dutton (Robert Moore) 2. Erin Kaemingh (Crossroads) 3. Emily Potson (Mine Centre)
Boys–1. Mike Sande (J.W. Walker) 2. Kyle Turgeon (Robert Moore) 3. Andrew Friesen (Sturgeon Creek Alternative)
< *c>Grade Seven
•Girls–1. Rachel Johnson (Atikokan) 2. Rachel Hettinga (Donald Young) 3. Emily Haggberg (Sturgeon Creek)
•Boys–1. Boyd Badiuk (St. Francis) 2. Tyler Johnson (Mine Centre) 3. Doug Coutts (Atikokan)
< *c>Grade Eight
•Girls–1. Katie McTavish (Crossroads) 2. Natalie Desjardins (St. Francis) 3. Michelle Beck (Crossroads)
•Boys–1. Alex McQuarrie (St. Francis) 2. Trevor Baker (Crossroads) 3. Shane Ikert (Sturgeon Creek Alternative)
< *c>Team competion
< *c>Grade Four
•Girls–1. Robert Moore 2. J.W. Walker 3. Sturgeon Creek 4. Donald Young 5. Crossroads
•Boys–1. St. Francis 2. Sturgeon Creek Alternative 3. Sturgeon Creek 4. Robert Moore 5. Crossroads/J.W. Walker
< *c>Grade Five
•Girls–1. Sturgeon Creek 2. Crossroads 3. Robert Moore 4. Wabigoon 5. Alberton
•Boys–1. Robert Moore 2. Crossroads 3. St. Francis 4. Mine Centre/Alberton 5. Riverview
< *c>Grade Six
•Girls–1. Crossroads 2. St. Francis 3. Our Lady of the Way 4. Alberton 5. Wabigoon
•Boys–1. J.W. Walker 2. Robert Moore 3. Crossroads 4. Sturgeon Creek 5. Riverview
< *c>Grade Seven
•Girls–1. Robert Moore 2. Atikokan
•Boys–1. St. Francis 2. Sturgeon Creek Alternative 3. Atikokan 4. Crossroads 5. Mine Centre
< *c>Grade Eight
•Girls-1. St. Francis 2. Crossroads 3. Sturgeon Creek
•Boys–1. St. Francis 2. Crossroads 3. Sturgeon Creek 4. Sturgeon Creek Alternative 5. J.W. Walker