Crossroads runners race to 18 medals

Crossroads School in Devlin captured 18 of 57 medals, including six first-place finishes, at the district cross-country meet at Sturgeon Creek last Thursday.
Host Sturgeon Creek was next with 10 medals, followed by J.W. Walker (nine), Donald Young (seven), Robert Moore (six), St. Francis (five), and Huffman (two).
Leigh Jarvis of Robert Moore struck gold in the grade eight boys’ division. Graham Morgan (J.W. Walker) took the silver while Kris Esselink (Donald Young) won the bronze.
Jeff Hyatt (Crossroads) won gold in the grade seven boys’ division, with Brad Caul (Sturgeon Creek) taking the silver and Daniel Oster (Crossroads) earning the bronze.
In grade six boys’ action, Tyler Barker of Crossroads won gold, followed by Andrew Mueller (St. Francis) and Matt Neilson (Sturgeon Creek). Justin Allen (J.W. Walker) topped the grade five boys’ division, finishing ahead of Dave Fagerdahl (Huffman) and Chris Plett (J.W. Walker).
Rounding out the boys’ competition, Mitchell Bryant of Crossroads topped the fourth-graders, beating out Tyson Caul (Sturgeon Creek) and Brad Cornies (J.W. Walker).
< B>< *c>Girls’ action
Meanwhile, Ashleigh Nault (St. Francis) won the gold medal in the grade eight girls’ division, with Kim Murray earning silver and Alyssa Kaemingh taking bronze (both of Crossroads).
Heidi Gustafson (Sturgeon Creek) topped the grade seven girls, finishing ahead of Rachel Geense (J.W. Walker) and Christine Badiuk (Crossroads). Amanda Allan won the grade six girls’ division, followed by Brandy Hyatt (Crossroads) and Sarah Barton (St. Francis).
Sierra Woolsey (Sturgeon Creek) won the gold medal in the grade five girls’ division, finishing ahead of Danielle O’Sullivan (Donald Young) and Trisha Wilson (Sturgeon Creek).
Finally, Katelyn McTavish (Crossroads) won gold in the grade four girls’ division, finishing ahead of classmate Michelle Beck and Kristina Bombay (Donald Young).