Conservative leader Scheer visits riding

Press Release

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was in Kenora-Rainy River on Friday to promote Canada’s Conservatives’ plan to make life more affordable for Northerners and to grow the Northern Ontario economy.
Scheer stopped by Lake of the Woods Brewing Company, Ye Olde Chip Truck and Quesada Restaurant alongside local candidate Eric Melillo.
“It is very important to come to Northwestern Ontario to hear first-hand from local families and job-creators about how life is getting harder and more unaffordable under Justin Trudeau and the Liberals,” said Scheer.
“A Conservative government will put more money back into the people’s pockets and help families get ahead, not just get by.”
In particular, Scheer highlighted his plan to scrap the carbon tax which will lower the price of gasoline and the cost of home heating.
“In Northern Ontario, cars and home heating aren’t luxuries they’re a necessity. Families depend on cars to get to and from work, and to pick their kids up from hockey. Many seniors depend on affordable natural gas to heat their homes in the cold winters. Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax scheme makes all of this more expensive,” said Scheer.
“A Conservative government will not only scrap Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax, but also take the GST off of home heating bills.”
Scheer also took aim at the Trudeau Liberal record on job-creation.
“There is so much potential across the North. We need to harness this potential to not only create jobs here in the North but across the province and country,” added Scheer.
“Justin Trudeau has failed to develop once in a life-time resources, like the Ring of Fire, and let-down our forestry sector. Not only that, but the recently passed Trudeau Liberal Bill C-69 will shut down responsible resource development across the North.
“Justin Trudeau promised he would be different, but clearly he is not as advertised. He has governed from Ottawa with a heavy-hand and ignored important Northern Ontario voices,” finished Scheer.
“I look forward to electing a Conservative MP in Kenora-Rainy River, and in ridings across the North, to provide a strong Northern voice at the table in a future Conservative Government.”