‘Bassin’ for Bucks’ big success

The 1997 “Bassin’ for Bucks” tournament in Sioux Narrows, with its unique format, was well-planned and staged by organizers, Mel Giesbrecht, Chris Bell, Lindsay Bowman and the rest of the highly-proficient volunteers.
Giesbrecht and Bell, well-known on the bass tournament circuit and one-time winners of the Kenora Bass International, while being in the top 10 in most other events, dropped out of this contention because of their involvement, thus giving all the other anglers there another chance to win the event.
The event ran smoothly, and was approved by everyone who took part.
Like no other tournament format, this one had two different versions; one was running three one-day tournaments in succession, with a grand aggregate for the overall winners. The other was in the order of flights leaving from the starting point.
In more tournaments, if not all, the flights after the first day are determined by the best catch, followed by the rest of the field in order.
But the “Bassin’ for Bucks” format consisted of dividing the field into three groups. The flights of the first day were based on the order of registration. The flights then rotated over the next two days so that each group had the same advantage—as well as a better chance of winning a prize of some sort.
In other words, the flights left in the 1-2-3 order on Friday, then 2-3-1 on Saturday and 3-1-2 on Sunday.
Although they had only 37 entries for their initial tournament, it will reach high expectations in a short period of time. In fact, anglers already were registering for the 1998 “Bassin’ for Bucks” even before this year’s prize presentation was held.
The results were as follows:
oLargest catch (first day)–1. J. Pritchett-R. Archibald (15.46 pounds) 2. M Paypompee-A. Henry (14.62) and 3. J. Freedy-W. Wagner (14.26);
oLargest fish (first day)–D. Chorley-G. Leroux (4.22 pounds);
oLargest catch (second day)–1. R. Nash-M. White (15.96 pounds) 2. D. Mandamin-J.D. Mandamin (14.70) and 3. M. Paypompee-A. Henry (13.74);
oLargest fish (second day)–S. Nash-B. Osher (4.74 pounds);
oLargest catch (third day)–1. D. Mandamin-J.D. Mandamin (15.46 pounds) 2. R. Ficek-P. James (15.44) and 3. D. Lindsey-N. Lindsey (15.30);
oLargest fish (third day)–Bob Horley-Jim Fadden (4.80 pounds);
oLargest catch (aggregate)–1. R. Nash-M. White (42.48 pounds) 2. J. Pritchett-R. Archibald (41.48) and 3. D. Mandamin-J. D. Mandamin (40.08);
oLargest fish (aggregate)–Bob Horley-Jim Fadden (4.80 pounds).