‘Workplace Wellness’ seminar planned

Coping with—and reducing—workplace stress is the topic of a keynote address and workshop to be held next Wednesday and Thursday at the Red Dog Inn.
Geri McKeown, an advisor to the National Quality Institute, first will speak at a mix-and-mingle Wednesday at 7 p.m., which anyone still is welcome to register for.
“Everyone experiences stress in the workplace at some point,” said Elaine Fischer, a health promoter at the Northwestern Health Unit, which is co-sponsoring the two-day event.
“She’ll be talking about how to turn stress into satisfaction, providing tools for employers to measure stress among their employees, and the latest statistics on workplace stress,” she added.
Cost to attend the session is $26.75, which includes refreshments.
For a more thorough look at not only stress in the workplace but the best ways to establish an overall “wellness” to how your business operates, a workshop is slated Thursday from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
“She’ll cover everything, from how to form workplace policies to risk factors in the workplace,” said Fischer.
“It’s open to employees but employers would get a lot more out of it,” she added, noting while McKeown is the key facilitator of the workshop, “she draws on the experiences of the group” and is very interactive.
Unfortunately,organizers have received their full allotment of registrations (20).
But those wishing to attend the keynote speechs and mix and mingle can contact Fischer or Amy Mart at the health unit (274-9827).
The “Workplace Wellness” workshop is a joint venture of the health unit, the district Substance Abuse Prevention (SAP) team, Northwest Training and Adjustment Board, and the Canadian Mental Health Association.