Town to look into airport survey

Following a request from the Economic Development Advisory Committee at Monday night’s council meeting, the town has agreed to consider having formal survey drawings of the Fort Frances Airport done for future development purposes.
“I’ll be arranging a meeting with Bill Caul, airport superintendent, and Geoff Gillon, where we’ll discuss this,” said Pat Hickerson, manager of Operations and Facilities, after being directed by council to do so.
Hickerson noted the three will discuss the cost of such a survey, and whether it fits into the municipal budget. “The property has been surveyed in the past, and we should be able to use that data.
“What we’re looking at now is more of a site plan survey. A survey showing where the various features of the property are in relation to each other,” he said, likening it to plot plan when buying a house.
Mayor Glenn Witherspoon, who also sits on the EDAC, said the airport remains a key piece to the town’s prosperity.
“As of last year, we have a new terminal and resurfaced the runway area. Now, we’re applying to the federal government for funding to expand the airport,” he noted.
“With a plan like this, we can actually lay out an area and prepare for any building that will happen there,” added Mayor Witherspoon, noting that the airport hopefully one day will be able to accommodate more and larger planes to be a “more competitive” business endeavour.
“We’re trying to make the most of our airport,” echoed Hickerson. “I think it’s something we should work towards.”
In related news, a request from the EDAC to have tree and flower planting at the airport added to the Parks Board’s list of locations was forwarded by council to the Operations and Facilities executive committee for review.