Tipping fees to jump at landfill

Those wanting to get rid of their garbage at the Fort Frances landfill will have to pay more come Jan. 1.
Operations and Facilities manager Pat Hickerson said this morning the minimum charge will jump to $8 from $7 while the charge per tonne will go from $29 to $33.
“I wouldn’t consider it a significant increase,” he remarked. “The costs of landfill operations are increasing all over.
“And when you look at some municipalities, like Kenora and Dryden, they have the ‘bag and tag’ system—something we’re not looking at,” added Hickerson, noting that paying per bag in some cases can mean twice the cost for those using the waste service.
This is the second year in a row town has had to raise tipping fees, Hickerson said.
“What happened the year before that [2000] is that we found there had to be a number of increases to make the landfill self-sufficient,” he explained.
As to whether a similar fee hike will take place in 2003 will depend on a review process at the end of next year, Hickerson said.