Tess selling perogies to raise funds for Ukraine

By Merna Emara
Staff Writer

Tess Coish of Tess’s Kitchen is selling cheese perogies to raise donation money for Ukraine. Coish will donate $2 per dozen of sold perogies, with proceeds going to www.unitewithUkraine.com. She is hoping to raise $1,000.

Pierogi orders can be placed right away because she always has them on hand. Perogies are also an easter favourite, and Coish’s customers often purchase them this time of year. To place a pierogi order, Coish could be reached at 807-274-0787.

Coish said she has done research and due diligence to find an organization that is worthy of the donation.

“I made sure that the organization is legit,” Coish said. “Every penny helps, and I wanted to make sure the hard work pays off. They are trying hard to buy bulletproof vests for defenders and helmets.”

Coish has always used her cooking and baking skills to better the community and raise money for those who need it. She has baked cookies for the hospital, sold meals and participated in many events over the years.

Her fundraisers have proven to be very successful in the past, and always exceed her goals. For example, she was hoping to raise $1,000 to help someone get a heart transplant. She ended up raising over $6,000.

Coish sells both cooked and uncooked perogies and orders could be made and picked up fairly quickly.

“If they wanted to make a donation with the order, I can always get the receipt,” she added.

Also as a fundraiser, Coish has plans for a take out dinner in April. She said a one-person meal will be $20, and $5 will go towards the fundraiser.

Coish has been busy with the canteen at the Memorial Sports Centre, and said she will be free to cook the meals after the last tournament on March 29. More details will be released soon. Watch her Facebook page for future updates.

“I haven’t really put stuff together because I have to see what my schedule is,” Coish said. “Easter is coming and I’ll have pierogi orders. I always try to make sure I get it done.”

Tess’s Kitchen is located at 1030 Scott St.