Stop ‘bleeding’ water lines: Brown

After asking local property owners who’ve had problems with their water lines freezing in the past to “bleed their lines” at the beginning of February, the town wants those same people to know they now can stop.
“People can stop bleeding now that the frost is going out of the ground now,” Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brown said yesterday.
Brown first put out a call Feb. 5 for property owners with a history of frozen service lines to keep a constant flow of water going through at least one tap in their homes.
The town’s water lines are positioned below the frost line (eight feet below the ground) to keep the water flowing all year long.
But frigid temperatures, coupled with the lack of snow cover this winter, had driven the frost down around the water lines—resulting in freezing.
In order to combat this, property owners with a history of frozen pipes were asked to “bleed” their line.
Thawing frozen lines is inconvenient and costs money, with either the town or property owner picking up the tab.