Snow storm no match for work crews

Snow plows weren’t waiting for the storm to end before tackling the heavy snowfall that was dumped on the area this weekend.
“Our crews were out at 7 a.m. Saturday morning. They were out plowing during the storm,” Raymond Roy, superintendent of operations, said this morning.
While crews usually wait until after the snow stops, Roy said it is not uncommon for town to send plows out in the height of the storm if they’re needed.
“With storm conditions, our main objective was to keep the main roads open. We had to go over them several times with drifting conditions,” he continued.
Plows were working throughout the weekend to clear streets of the several feet high snow banks, and had finished removing snow from town streets by midnight Sunday.
“We have our crews doing clean-ups in areas that drifted and cars that were parked,” Roy added.
“Hopefully, we should have the sidewalks cleared in a couple of days.”
This latest snowfall was in sharp contrast to the winter storm in late November which saw many residents complaining about poor road conditions for weeks.
“In November, it was preceded by freezing rain,” Roy explained. “The snow was wet and hard to remove, this time it was a lot fluffier.”