Snow park set to open

Haul out the snowboards and skis! After five years of planning, the Little Beaver Snow Park here will open for business Friday at 4 p.m.
The snow park, owned and operated by Bob Hamilton, is located on Balsam Street off McIrvine Road (near the landfill site)
Snowboarders and skiers will be able to enjoy the fully-lit runs until well after midnight, but the tubing runs will remain closed for the time being.
“It truly needs more snow [for the tubing runs] to be safe, but we’re working on that,” Hamilton said Thursday morning.
When fully operational, Little Beaver Snow Park will feature six tubing runs, as well as lots of room for skiing and snowboarding. There’s also two cable tows to the top of the hill, an operator’s kiosk on the top and bottom of the hill, and a licensed building to warm up in.
For now, Hamilton is describing this as a limited opening, with a grand opening slated for February. As such, he’s reduced fees from $15 a day to $10 while some of the runs remain closed.
He’s not sure how many people will turn out tomorrow but said there’s been a great deal of interest in the snow park. “I’m not looking to make a real big splash,” he admitted. “If I get 150 people, I’ll be happy.”
With a licensed bar, satellite TV, and pool table, Hamilton said the snow park is for more than just outdoor enthusiasts.
“It’s a semi-sports bar focused on winter sports,” he said, adding he hoped some people might come out to watch the Super Bowl there Sunday.
After five years of planning, and three mild winters, Hamilton said finally opening his snow park is a big step. “We’re breaking new ground here,” he remarked.
Still, he said as with any new business, there are always little worries when opening. “Little things like am I going to have enough chili and potato chips,” he noted.
If winters ever return to normal, Hamilton hopes all the runs will be open from Dec. 1 until the last week of March.
Hamilton said he wanted to thank everyone who helped him get this snow park off the ground, especially his family and friends who poured hours into helping make it a reality.
“I’m very, very grateful to everybody,” he said.